The Strength You Need From Your Criminal Defense Attorney

Having a run-in with the criminal justice system does not have to define you. Many people face issues with law enforcement or prosecutors even after a simple traffic stop. One issue can easily snowball into another, which is why no matter what kind of criminal charge you face, you can end up with long-term legal consequences.

I am James H. Kreimeyer, a criminal defense lawyer with more than 40 years of experience. I have helped people through some of the most difficult times in their lives. I love what I do because it gives me the chance to solve real problems for people who feel like the cards are stacked against them.

Things Can Turn Around

If you are worried about steep fines, drivers' license suspensions, a criminal record or jail time, I can help you. I handle a wide range of criminal defense matters, including:

  • DWIs and drug crime charges: First-offense DWIs, multiple offense DWIs, felony DWIs, drug possession, drug cultivation or manufacturing, drug distribution, etc.
  • Property crimes: Theft, shoplifting, vandalism, burglary, breaking and entering, trespassing, arson, etc.
  • Violent crimes: Assault, aggravated assault, sexual misconduct, domestic violence, restraining orders, manslaughter, homicide, etc.
  • Criminal appeals: Challenging error of law or procedural failings that resulted in an improper ruling

Contact my office in Belton, Texas, to arrange an appointment and discuss your criminal defense concerns with James H. Kreimeyer Attorney At Law. I can be reached via online contact form or by calling 254-939-9393.