The Unique Skills To Handle Your Criminal Appeal

Not every criminal case is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Criminal courts can make procedural errors or arrive at unjust rulings. Fortunately, the criminal appeals process allows for these rulings to be challenged. If you believe your case was not handled properly or a courtroom made an unjust ruling, it is time to contact an experienced appellate lawyer.

Not every attorney has the experience to handle criminal defense and appeals. This process is different from traditional courtroom proceedings. It requires significant research and writing skills to investigate where errors were made and present them in appellate court.

I am James H. Kreimeyer Attorney At Law. As a long-standing Belton, Texas, criminal defense attorney, I have handled decades of criminal cases and appeals throughout Bell County and across the state. Contact my office to arrange an appointment and better understand your options in Texas appeals.

The Record Of Proceedings And Errors Of Law

Criminal appeals are not the time to present new evidence. This is not a retrial of your case. Instead, appeals challenge the rulings that were made in your trial. This either pertains to the verdict of guilty versus not guilty, or the sentence that was imposed after the ruling.

When I work on your criminal appeal, I will investigate the court record to uncover where errors of law could have been made. I will be straightforward with you through every stage of the process to help you get a realistic perspective on what is possible.

Appeals are time-sensitive actions. You need to work with an attorney who will be dedicated to your case and attentive to its specific requirements. Do not hesitate to complete the below or call 254-939-9393 to schedule a meeting with me. I am here to help you get the results you deserve.